Quick Note: This is not a product review, however I wanted to share it with you guys.

As you may know, I have been studying Japanese for almost 10 years. I went to Japan two years ago, and ever since, I have wanted to go back. That’s why I am elated to tell you that I am participating in the Kakehashi Project, sponsored by JICE ( Japan International Cooperation Center.) What does this mean for you? Well, I will be doing plenty of Periscope streams, and posting many pictures and other interesting things to my Twitter, to help people around the globe experience the Japanese culture. The Kakehashi Project was made to…



Promote a global understanding of Japan’s economy, society, history, diverse culture, politics and foreign policy.


Kakehashi translates into “Building Bridges.” We want to help the world enjoy Japan, and get to know the country to improve further relations.


The Kakehashi trip will begin on the 14th (us getting to Japan,) and end on the 22nd (us leaving Japan.) While we are there, we will split our time between the Capitol city of Tokyo, and the historic city of Nara. We plan to do Periscope streams in either the morning or the evening (wherever we have wifi and time) to answer questions you may have, as well as explain what we did that day.

Go follow @magikarpdrowned on Twitter to catch all of the action. Everything will be in English, so everyone should be able to follow along.